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St. Anthony of Padua School fosters a love of Jesus and his Gospel, forming lifelong disciples in service to the Church and society.  We provide an environment that enables our students to achieve academic excellence in a culturally diverse environment.

As you get to know us, you will discover a community where all are welcome and students are encouraged to reach their fullest potential spiritually, intellectually, socially, and physically.


All classes are taught in the light of the Gospel. Religion is taught daily and includes regularly scheduled opporunities for Confession and classroom visits by our priests. Students attend weekly Mass and participate in the liturgy as altar servers and Proclaimers of the Word. Sacramental preparation for Reconciliation, First Communion, and Confirmation takes place in second and eighth grade.

Academic Excellence

We are proud of St. Anthony of Padua’s rich history of academic excellence.

  • Excellent academics

  • Language Arts: We follow a traditional program of English grammar, essay writing, cursive handwriting, and integration of our literature and social studies curriculum.

  • Mathematics Program: Algebra is offered in seventh or eighth grade to those students who meet the Diocesan requirements. Students who complete algebra in seventh grade are taught geometry in eighth grade.

  • Foreign language program: Spanish is taught from Kindergarten through eighth grade. 

  • Special Instruction: Art, music, physical education, computer technology, and library instruction are offered to junior kindergarten through eighth grade. Title 1 services are offered to eligible students.

  • Performing Arts: Students may join our school choir (Grades 3-8), band (grades 4-8), Junior Drama Club (grades 3-5) or Shakespeare Club (Grades 6-8).  All groups rehearse weekly and perform at Diocesan Festivals and our Night of the Arts in May.

  • Sports: We offer CYO track, tennis, cross country, volleyball, cheerleading and basketball teams from grades 3-8. We have a large gymnasium and grass sports field to enhance our facilities. 


By uniquely integrating sound Catholic principles of faith and action into a strong academic curriculum, we prepare students to become responsible, dedicated adults, competent to meet the challenging demands of a complex society. Our students participate in several community outreach projects each year.

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