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St. Anthony of Padua is a parish school within the Diocese of Arlington, operating under the Office of Catholic Schools. We are a fully-accredited school through the Virginia Catholic Education Association.

The curriculum at our school is designed and outlined by the Diocese of Arlington Office of Catholic Schools.

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Mission Statement

St. Anthony of Padua School fosters a love of Jesus and His Gospel, forming lifelong disciples in service to the Church and society while empowering its students to achieve academic excellence in a culturally diverse environment.

Philosophy of Learning

  • Learning in a community that educates the whole person spiritually, academically, and emotionally permits students to discover who they are as a child of God and the unique purpose He has created them to live out, using their distinct gifts and talents.

  • Learning the tenets of our Church doctrine in a multicultural setting allows us to cultivate a genuinely Catholic community. 

  • Learning through challenging, leveled instruction equips students to think critically and creatively.

  • Learning emerges through effective collaboration and communication among students, teachers, and parents.

  • Learning through Catholic principles of faith and action, students are prepared to become responsible young adults ready to solve problems and make decisions as well-informed citizens. 

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