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"An inclusive education finds a place for all and does not select in an elitist way the beneficiaries of its efforts."     
   -Pope Francis

St. Anthony's provides students with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities access to an individualized, inclusive Catholic education. This gives students the opportunity to grow socially, spiritually, and academically in a Catholic environment. A primary goal for each student is to be as fully integrated as possible into the total life of the school community. 

We strive to recognize the beauty and potential inherent in each student. In an effort to foster continued growth, the school embraces the opportunity to provide assistance and services for students with mild to moderate disabilities according to the resources available. Parents/guardians are considered an integral part of the support team.

Inclusion at Saint Anthony of Padua

Special Education, Academic Intervention, Resource and Counselling


What does an inclusive Catholic education at St. Anthony's offer?

Special Education Teachers

  • Collect data and design school-based interventions.

  • Work with individuals and small groups.

  • Assist classroom teachers with modifications to assignments and assessments.


Academic Interventionalists / Resource Teachers

  • Support students with specific deficits in reading or math.

  • Provides coaching to classroom teachers on the implementation of accommodations.

  • Explicit instruction tailored for personalized improvement goals.


School Counselor

  • Meets privately with students to provide support for social and emotional issues.

  • Conducts small group sessions and whole group lessons on common issues.

  • Assists teachers with specific challenges.

For more information please don't hesitate to contact our Assistant Principal, Maureen McNulty-Stephens

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